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Overview of Nam Dinh

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Friday, 27 November 2009 18:04

About Nam Dinh




Nam Dinh province locates in the South-eastern of North, Viet Nam




Latitude: 19°54' to 20°40' North, Longitude: 105°55' to 106°45' in the east. Nam Dinh boders with Thai Binh province on the North, Ninh Binh on the south, Ha Nam province in the northwest ,borders with sea (Northern Bay) on the east.

Area: 1.669 km².



Nam Dinh terrain is mostly coastal plain. The southeast is an Alluvial ground and low hills and mountains in the northwest. Terrain low down from Northwest to Southeast. The highest position is Goi mountain top (122 m), the lowest position is (3 m) in Y Yen, compared with the sea.

Coastal and river


Nam Dinh coastline has 74 km long with favorable conditions for breeding and catching seafood. In here, there is Xuan Thuy National nature reserve (Giao Thuy district) and has 4 large estuaries: Ba Lat, Day, Lach Giang, Ha Lan.


Climate and weather


Influence of tropical monsoon, nearly identical to Hanoi, Nam Dinh is situated in the tropical monsoon: In warm season, heavy rain from May to October; in cold season, dry from the previous year November to April next year. Rainfall average annual: 1.700 - 1.800 mm; average temperature: 23,5°C, number of sunshine hours in the year 1.650 - 1.700 hours; relatively humidity average: 80 - 85%.




Nam Dinh comprises a city and 9 districts

  • Giao Thuy
  • Hai Hau
  • My Loc
  • Nam Truc
  • Nghia Hung
  • Truc Ninh
  • Vu Ban
  • Xuan Truong
  • Y Yen



According to the General Statistics of Vietnam, in 2006 the population of Nam Dinh province is 1.974.300 with population density 1.196 people/km ².



• In 2000 estimated provincial GDP reached 5.920 billion VND 
• In 2005, the economic structure is: 
Structure agricultural-forestry-fishery: 41% 
Industry and construction: 21.5% 
Services: 38%. 
• Industrial zones are: Hoa Xa, My Trung, Nghia An, Bao Minh, Hong Tien, Y Yen II, Thanh An.


Transportation on


  • Land: High way No. 21, High way No. 10;
  • Railway: North South railway;
  • Water: Hong river, Day river, Ninh Co river, So river, Dao river, Ngo Dong river;


Traditional culture


Vieng market, Vu Ban Nam Truc on 8th January Lunar New Year every year, and Hai Lang market (Nghia Thinh commune, Nghia Hung district) on 7th January Lunar every year, Cat Dang lacquer (Yen Tien commune, Y Yen district).


Gymnastics- sports


Nam Dinh has two sports center are  Thien Truong Stadium (old name is Chua Cuoi Stadium) and Tran Quoc Toan  Matches , the football and volleyball matches are held here, they are on the way Hung Vuong, Han Thuyen, Truong Chinh street, Nam Dinh City.

Nam Dinh football has once won the national championship in 1985, and named Ha Nam Ninh industry, with the famous contestant Nguyen Van Dung. In 2001, Nam Dinh team won the second price on the national championship. In 2007,  Nam Dinh team with the name Dam Phu My Nam Dinh won the National Cup first.


Historical monument


- Tran temple is a temple of the Kings of the Tran dynasty, lies on Loc Vuong commune, My Loc district, 5 km far from Nam Dinh city. In here on interval between 11 pm and 1 am, January Lunar opens a seal. Legend of  Tran's Kings Lunar are on Tet holiday every year to 15th January. In this ceremony there are many guesses come and receive the King of Tran's gift.

- Co Le pagoda where bonze Nguyen Minh Khong in place (along with Tu Dao Hanh and Giac Hai Nam)

  • Phu Giay worship the Holy Mother Lieu Hanh
  • The bell-tower of Pho Minh pagoda, Vong Cung pagoda.
  • Grave of Tam Nguyen Yen Do Nguyen Khuyen, in Phuong Nhi mountain, Y Yen district.
  • Grave of Tu Xuong poet , at Vi Xuyen park, Nam Dinh city.




Tuc Mac village, Loc Vuong commune, Nam Dinh suburb, in the past was Thien Truong palace, is home of  Tran  King and military personnel Tran Quoc Tuan (Hung Dao Vuong).

Nam Dinh is famous hometown of the famous first doctoral candidate as Luong The Vinh, Nguyen Hien, Dao Su Tich.


Special food


Nam Dinh has many famous specialties like Pho bo Nam Dinh, Ba Thi Gai cake, Doi candy (are said to be derived from the Vu Dai village - scenery of many famous short stories by Ngo Tat To).




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